LDI Innovation maintains close cooperation with R&D organizations and industrial companies in Europe through active participation in EU and national programmes for Research and Innovation.

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Latest Development Projects

“Technological platform for monitoring the spread of the pathogenic virus in case of an epidemic” (01.10.2022 – 31.03.2024) is supported by Enterpise Estonia’s “Programme for Applied Research” with 374 345€ (57% of total project cost).

The project targets the development of a rapid, reliable, affordable, and easy-of-use technological platform for the detection of pathogenic viruses directly onsite in built and open environments on the example of SARS-CoV-2. Once developed and implemented, the technological platform can be extended and adapted for the detection of other severe pathogenic viruses in regular surveillance to pre-empt outbreaks.

“Non-contact Microbiological Contamination Detector H2B-SPECTRAL” (01.08.2019 – 28.02.2021) is supported by Enterprise Estonia’s “Product Development Support Measure” with 95 985€ (45% of total project cost).

Project goal: During the course of the project LDI Innovation aimed at creating a fluorescence-based device for immediate detection of pathogens for the and the monitoring of the consequent decontamination process.

The result: H2B-Spectral device is developed. The device enables wireless, quick and selective detection of low surface concentration of pathogens on various surfaces.

          Figure 1. H2B-Spectral device placed against vertical surface.

Project and device description: The device measures 8 ultraviolet and visible spectral fluorescence channels in one second and depicts the measured result as a color-coded matrix. From the measurement data it is possible to distinguish the spectral patterns of microbiological contamination on surfaces. The device is operated wirelessly using WiFi connection and it can operate on battery for a full working day before recharging of the lithium ion batteries is needed. Big buttons and high-contrast OLED screen enable using the device even with thick gloves and a hazmat suit. The device is intended to be used all over the world by personnel responsible for microbiological decontamination procedures, giving them the opportunity to quickly check if the decontamination procedures have been effective or if more steps are needed for a better result.