The company LDI Innovation has been established in 2013 to keep focus on innovative developments of new products and services based on accumulated knowledge, experience and intellectual property of the founders.

Key technology developers of LDI Innovation have a more than 30 years track-record in photonics science and technology developments as related to environmental, industrial, bio-medical and security applications.

The Company employs experienced R&D and engineering staff, most with advanced degrees in science, engineering and software. Core developers of LDI Innovation contributed to numerous national, European and international projects in corresponding technology domains.

LDI Innovation is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Company management

Dr. Sergey Babichenko
Member of Board, CEO

Co-founder of LDI Innovation OÜ (Estonia), Ocean Visuals AS (Norway), Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS (Estonia), Skalar-LDI (Estonia - the Netherlands), Genestho AS (Estonia-Russia-Canada), LDI International Inc.(Canada), Nartest (Estonia - USA), LDIAMON AS (Estonia - Sweden), Altomni (Cyprus). Ph.D. in physics. Initiator and co-developer of key proprietary product concepts / designs.

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He has more than 30 years of experience in research, development, engineering and management of scientific groups, projects and private companies. The professional career started in Estonian Academy of Sciences led to the position of leading scientist and nominee to the State premium in 2000. Served as a principle investigator and partner leader in number of national and international (EC funded) R&D projects. Since 2001 co-founded and managed several high-technology private companies in Europe, USA, Canada and Russia, has large network of professional and personal contacts worldwide in the inter-government R&T, industrial and academic circles. List of professional credits includes two monographs, more than 120 scientific publications, and 12 patents in application of laser and spectroscopy technologies for environmental monitoring, control of industrial processes, law-enforcement and search and rescue operations.

Dr. Larisa Poryvkina
Member of Board, CSO

Co-founder of LDI Innovation OÜ (Estonia), NarTest (Estonia - USA), Nemor Technologies OÜ (Estonia) and Laser Diagnostic Instruments AS (Estonia). Member of the Board and R&D director of LDI-Innovation OÜ, NarTest AS, Nemor Technologies AS. Ph.D. in physics (optics and spectroscopy). Co-developer of LDI key products and analytical techniques.

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She has more than 35 years of experience in research, development, and engineering in applied spectroscopy, laser remote sensing, fluorescence in industrial applications, etc. Dr. Poryvkina is a principal developer of Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) method for application in water environment, chemical and food industries, and law enforcement. Dr. Poryvkina started her scientific carrer as a senior scientist for Estonian Academy of Sciences, successfully managed number of national and international research projects, and has a wide network of professional contacts in industries and universities over Europe. From 1991 she continued research in several Estonian R&D companies. In 1999 Dr. Poryvkina was awarded by OMPI-WIPO medal of World Intellectual Property Organization and diploma of “Best Female Inventor 1999” for development of analyzer Fluo-Imager and SFS method for oil pollution detection in water (Geneva, Switzerland). Now Dr.Poryvkina main activity in LDI Innovation is connected with development of new spectral sensors and methods for industrial and environmental tasks in frames of international EC projects. She is a principal author of 85 scientific publications and 6 patents.


In 2021, LDI Innovation was awarded the “Top Sensor Technology Providers in Europe” award by Applied Technology Review.