LDI Innovation offers two levels of services:

  • Transactional service is based on response to request and is typical for limited assignments such as primary development, functionality testing or prototyping.
  • Preferred supplier, based on building collaborative mechanisms and developed understanding of client’s customers. It typically evolves from a continuing relationship and the assignment of major project responsibility to the provider.

Our R&D and Engineering services are based on:

  • Understanding Common Objectives. We link our success to that of our customer, and position ourselves as the preferred supplier.
  • Professional communication. We believe that communica-ion and relationship management is a key to the efficient provision of service. We document all agreements and any changes made in the interest of issue avoidance or resolution.
  • Confiding and Respectful Collaboration. We aim to build a trusting relationship on shared information, clarity between the parties, and integrity.

LDI Innovation typically uses a Fixed Price Model and Time & Resource Model for service contracts. The Fixed Price Model is primarily used for defined transactional contracts, involving preparation of an estimate based on requirements, and providing a fixed quote to the customer. Payment terms depend on the size of the project.

The Time and Resource Model is used for the projects where on-going requirements are not defined at the beginning and development specification evolves as the project progresses, or there are several milestones in the statement of work with go/no go decisions. Cost estimation for the milestone is always provided in advance, however, the customer is billed based on actual resources allocated and time spent.