“The analyzer of Spectral Fluorescence Signatures – SFS-Go™

The SFS-Go™ analyzer with optical cell unit

The SFS-Go™ is a compact scanning spectrometer designed to measure the Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) of liquid, powder and solid samples. The SFS is an excitation emission matrix of special intensity of a sample with filtered out elastic (Rayleigh) scattering. The SFS-Go is optically designed as a mostly-reflection spectrometer to operate in a wide spectral range with minimal chromatic aberrations.

The device has 2 configurations and can be used:

  • with short optical fibers to the optical cell unit to measure 90-degreefluorescence scheme with a small quartz cuvette for holding the liquid sample (~4ml)
  • with long optical fibers to the measurement fiber probe, which enables measuring solid and powder samples or basically any flat surface

The SFS-Go™ can be used in a large variety of applications, providing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the organic constituents in liquid, powder and solid samples, including the PAH, oils, lubricants, phenols, organic chemicals, etc., as well as living biomaterials (plants, bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.).

SFS-Go™ can work as a quick screening tool in an industrial environment, especially to reduce the number of routine and time-consuming analyses, giving quick qualitative and quantitative information about the changes in the oil or other chemical substance under investigation. The principle merits of this technique are its high sensitivity, selectivity and simplicity of the operating procedure

SFS-Go software window

Technical specification

AccuracyBetter than 10%
Response time, minimal20 sec (full SFS scan)
Spectral range220-670 nm excitation,
230-680 nm emission
Light sourcePulsed Xenon lamp, 20 Watt
Spectral unitscanning excitation/emission monochromators
Detector typePhoto Multiplier Tube
Sample cellstandard cuvette fiber block or handle-block fiber
Cell volume~4ml, 10mm x 10 mm x 44mm internal dimensions
Control unit Built-in processor controller
PC connection and remote controlWiFi
Device calibrationAutomatic, only reference-channel measurement
Power consumption40 W
Voltage100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions (L × W × H)30 × 23 × 19 cm
Weight5 kg

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