“Bio-cleanness sensor” – H2B™

H2B is a non-contact optical sensor for point detection of microbial contamination on various solid surfaces in security, safety and medical applications where surfaces are exposed to accidental, natural or intentional contamination.

It serves as a selective point inspection tool for bio-cleanness control and assessment of the decontamination efficiency, which is commonly quoted as “how clean is clean enough”.


  • Non-contact point detection of microbial  contamination on the surfaces
  • Decontamination control
  • Instant response
  • Robust design for on-site use
  • No sampling, no consumables
  • WiFi connection for external data logging
  • Integration in sensor network is possible

Technical specification

Conditions of operationsHand-held, on-site
Response Time, typical1 sec
Type of measurementNon-contact
Data samplingPoint detection
Light sourceUV LED
Detection spectral rangeUV-VIS
Object pre-treatmentNot required
Data visualizationIntegrated display
Data storageVia WiFi connection to PC
Dimensions (L × W × H) 20 × 6.5 × 15 cm
Weight 530 g