“Stand-Off detector of Biological and Chemical threads” – BC-Sense™

BC-Sense is a short range portable stand-off detector of Biological (B) and Chemical (C) contamination for indoor use. It is aimed to examine inaccessible objects, the surfaces of construction elements, walls, furniture, clothes, etc., as well as other solid and liquid objects for the presence of B and C threats. As the tool is able to provide detection at the distance, its use minimizes the exposure of first responders to the risks of contamination.

BC-Sense is a double-laser remote sensing spectrometer for indoor measurements at a distance up to 20m. Its operation is based on the method of Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and spectral pattern recognition technique.

The laser pulses at the fixed wavelengths are directed one-by-one to the object, and the spectra of echo-signals of the target are detected. The echo-signal contains induced fluorescence and light scattering, and its spectral composition is analyzed. The spectral shape of the echo-signal is matched with the reference spectra of B&C hazardous substances. The analysis result is obtained for every laser shot and immediately after it.


  • Non-contact detection and identification of Biological and Chemical threats
  • Instant measurement and data analysis
  • Threat discrimination on site
  • Best matching with reference data
  • Extendable reference spectral data library for threat detection and identification
  • Day and night operation
  • Ready for integration in a sensor network
  • Easy operation – no specific skills required

Technical specification

Sensing distanceUp to 20 m
Pulse Repetition (Sampling) rateUp to 10 Hz
Sensing laser2 wavelengths in UV spectral range
Hyperspectral detectorUV and VIS spectral ranges
Communication lineEthernet
Power consumption200 VA
Dimensions (L × W × H)68 × 41 × 34 cm
Weight40 kg