“Food contamination sensor” – BC-Probe™

The BC-Probe is non-contact optical sensor operated at 0.5 – 1 m distance from the examined object . The latter can be on conveyor or at inspection point. The sensor ensure monitoring of the physic-chemical characteristics of substances and generates alarm in the case of deviation of registered signal from standard status of sample. The unit work is based on the sample fluorescence excitation and registration with real-time output on the PC or control terminal station depending on the installation mode (stand-alone or network unit).

Depending of application there are two modification of BC-Probe: for detection of biological contamination or chemical pollution of food products and raw materials.


  • Non-contact detection of deviations from “normal” stage
  • Applicable in hazardous locations
  • Low weight and power consumption
  • Adjustable pollution threshold to filter out minor detection events
  • Remote access to setup operational parameters
  • Operates as a stand-alone or network unit

Technical specification

Sensing distance0.5-1 m
Sensing frequency10 Hz, Adjustable
Light emission wavelengthUVA or UVB
Emission safety class3B
Operational Temperature-20°C to +55°C
Waterproof HousingIP68 painted aluminum
Power consumption2.5 W, 12 VDC
CommunicationModbus RS-485, Alarm SPDT
DimensionsØ 10 cm, Length 24.5 cm
Weight1,5 kg
CE Declared with Applied StandardsEN 60079-0:2009; 60079-2:2007;  EN 61241-0:2007